Explain How and Why Referrals Are Made Between Agencies.

Topics: Hearing impairment, The Child, Child Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: June 22, 2012
It’s important that referrals are made in order for the child to get the best possible outcomes and by practitioners doing observations and recording evidence this is made possible for the child to be referred to the correct professional, for example; a child with hearing difficulties mat need to be referred to a support service for deaf children or children who have impaired hearing. Panels are usually made up of different agencies and these panels determine the access that is available between settings these panels aim to support the early identification of children’s needs, monitor children’s progress, ensure a child’s needs are identified and assessed quickly and referred to the appropriate setting, coordinate provision through the development of partnership with parents, settings and different agencies and support inclusion in mainstream early years settings. It’s important to identify the need for additional support as early as possible without it the children will not get the help they need at the right time and this could have an affect on the child’s well being. You must get the parents permission for any child to be referred and keep them well informed. Early intervention teams have been set up in England to work with children with additional needs from birth to the end of EYFS. The early year’s intervention team will be part of the multi-agency panel enabling referrals to be made between settings. Early year’s intervention team promote inclusive practice, provides advice support and training in settings, supports transitions into schools, ensures that parents are fully aware of and involved in any referral process and they liaise with parents, carers and multi-agency professionals.
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