An Innovative Teacher I Had

Topics: Grammar, Linguistics, Education Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: April 10, 2011
An innovative Teacher I had
Mrs. Anderson reputations precede her as one of the most innovative English Language teacher at the Norman Manley High School. I can attest to her innovative skills when I was first introduce to her in fifth form; she exuded English in every manner, the suttle tone of her voice in which she spoke, with an accent as if she was born in Britain but on the contrary she was a Jamaican. She said to my class on the first day that “She promised she would provide us with the tools we needed to succeed but it was up to us how much we would take from her class”. Her innovative teaching methods begun when she acknowledged the complexity of the students linguistic situation and specific language problems which deserve explicitly structured attention based on the result of her first test to indentified how students at the fifth form level thus far was grasping or understanding English language was very poor. Sadly my personal grade on the test was forty five percent, As a result of the poor grades; Mrs. Anderson reinvented her curriculum and implemented a system where each week, students would submit various assignments based on the area of their weakness. My weakness at the time was grammatical structure when answering various questions and grammar errors found when writing essays. She would assign me to complete various language structure questions and mechanics to improve on my area of weakness. Willing to do anything to salvage my failing grade, I did my assignments and quickly improved in my weak areas and ended up getting a ninety-five percent on the following test. English Language became one of my favorite classes, simply because Mrs. Anderson teaching methods were so effective, I think all of my teachers are innovative in various ways, I truly appreciate Mrs. Anderson as her approach to teaching was so captivating than any I had every experienced before.
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