An Important Macro-Environmental Force in Vietnam

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An important macro-environmental force on companies is the social/cultural environment, particularly in international markets. Imagine that you are to offer a seminar on the social/cultural environment of Vietnam to foreign businessmen and marketers. Discuss at least three elements of the cultural environment that foreign businessmen should be aware of when doing business in Vietnam. Use specific examples referring to real-life businesses, brands, marketing activities, etc. to support your discussion.

Social/cultural forces are the most difficult uncontrollable variables to predict. It is important for marketers to understand and appreciate the cultural values of the environment in which they operate. The cultural environment is made up of forces that affect society's basic values, perceptions, preferences, and behaviors. The Vietnamese value system is based on four basic tenets: allegiance to the family, yearning for a good name, love of learning, and respect for other people. These tenets are closely interrelated and based on three main religions which are Buddhism, Confucianism and Christianity. Changes in social/cultural environment affect customer behavior, which affects sales of products. Trends in the cultural environment include individuals changing their views of themselves, others, and the world around them and movement toward self-fulfillment, immediate gratification, and secularism.

Firstly, in term of role of people in business environment, the women are not expected to reach high position. This is due to influence of Confucianism, which teach people that a woman should devote all her life to take care of household more than going out to seek foods. The woman is rarely appointed to the first position in a company because man who is lower position usually tends to against the commands coming from a woman. In contrast, a man is expected to become boss who should show his knowledge, learning and power.

Secondly, Sex is very sensitive issue so that you should avoid it as much as possible. From an advertisement to a uniform should not be more provocative and especially avoid using obscene words in public conversation. The more you are polite the more you have respect from the others. Furthermore, rewards and slogans are a part of business. In Viet Nam one of the tenets is earning for good name, so people tend to work hard for reaching some rewards or reputation. It seems that Viet Nam is one of countries, which has the most slogans. People usually act upon “syndrome crowd” but not patient, so it is better to change your company’s slogan frequently in order to collect and motivate workers following that slogan or the company’s goals.

Finally, there are some rules out of laws you should know before starting business in Viet Nam. In some case, you are clearly right, yet someone who holds right making decision say that it is wrong, you can do no things except use some tricks to pass. “Chạy” means “Run”, which uses negatively money covered in the names called gifts, is the most popular way to succeed in document procedures or get some competitive advantages.

Consider the five stages in the adoption process of a new product, and refer to a major purchase you have made. Identify, describe and discuss each step of that process, using your own case to support your discussion. Be sure to be specific and provide as detailed a description of your adoption process, as possible. You should also discuss the different influences and forces that impacted your purchasing decision.

This MBA course is the most major purchase that I have ever bought. In term of considering the adoption process of this course, there are five stages which made me lead to this decision. Firstly, at the beginning of the process, the stage of awareness, which means that the consumer becomes aware of the innovation but lacks information about it. In my situation, I made this plan for a year ago but did not know...
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