An Ethical Dilemma

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  • Published : August 29, 2013
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1.The ethical issues in this case are employee theft, company resource abuse, conflict of interest, misuse of company’s confidential information, lying and intimidating behavior. Jack is misusing the company’s confidential information to do work for some clients outside of A&A. There is a conflict of interest because Jack represents A&A and has gained the trust of the company. Jacks’ ethical issues arise when he denied a promotion to a partner’s position in the firm, by stealing the company’s software. Jack is being dishonest because he is intentionally taking these ethical actions, which make him untrustworthy. Jack is revealing an intimidating behavior by making it clear to Carla that he is aware of her own practices, which also involve company resource abuse and Jack is trying to blackmail Carla.

2.If I were Carla, my first options are quit on my job and move to another town and tell to the company about the unethical actions of Jack. The consequences are I wouldn’t be able to get another job at the same pay. Maybe, Jack do some revenge to me. My second option is let Jack do whatever he wants and said nothing more. The consequences are Jack can do a blackmailing. He continues to misuse the company’s confidential information to do work for some clients outside of A&A. I have no physical evidence to take to the partners, which meant that it would be my word against Jack. Also, if it is not being prevented, it becomes worsened.

3.If I were Jack, my first option is I continue to get some software of A&A. The consequences are it will help me to earn extra bills for my family. Also, if A&A finds it out, I become terminated on my job and I won’t able to get another job because of my unethical actions on my last job. My second option is stop getting some documents from A&A. The consequences are I can’t earn extra bills to start my own company. Sooner or later, I’ve been denied a partner’s position. 4.Before making any decisions, know the consequences and...
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