Howard Case Findings of Fact

Topics: Employment, Fact, Question of fact Pages: 2 (757 words) Published: March 9, 2013
EMGMT 362 Week #7 Assignment
Prof. Mull
2 March, 2013

Reviewing the case study on what to do with Howard, I noticed that the work environment had many more issues that plagued it than just Howard. Tad has many decisions to make as the project Engineer for Agrigreen, Inc. Below are three Findings of Fact and my recommendations for each. Finding of Fact #1: Howard has issues with attendance and break time boundaries. He has grown complacent in his demeanor. Over the last several years he has taken additional snack breaks, fallen asleep on the job, came in late and left early, taking advantage of the company’s finances by being paid to work and not working. Management prior to Tad, had overlooked this, but they are clear violations to company policy and other employees seeing this happen, become disgruntled that he gets away with it. Howard has disregarded company policies, and his assistant is now showing some of the same negative work ethics. When one is skipping out of valuable work time, it affects their performance as well. Recommendation #1: Tad will need to review the written company policies and procedures on the questionable practices. He will also need to consult with the Human Resources department as to what specifics are in the companies policies. When Tad does fully understand the company’s guidelines, he can speak with Howard about this. Howard may have some medical condition or other issue creating this scenario that may need to be addressed. Once Tad had educated himself, he needs to approach Howard to determine if there are underline reasons for the continuing attendance issues. It depends on why the Howard is late, absent, or taking frequent breaks will drive the action that Tad needs to take. He may have family issues that affect his timely arrival to work and leaving early. Either way, they can be addressed. If they are not then Tad will need to establish with Howard the guidelines set in the company policies and...
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