An Essay on the Effectiveness of the Americans During the Revolutionary War

Topics: Philippines, United States, Filipino people Pages: 3 (1055 words) Published: January 12, 2013
An essay on the effectiveness of the Americans during the Revolutionary war

The United States’ policy was to govern the Philippine Archipelago for the common welfare of the Filipino people and to train the Filipinos for self-governance. The United States was hoping that the Filipino people would be capable of independence someday. President Mckinley assure that the Philippines are theirs, and so it should not be exploited, rather to develop, to civilize, to educative and to train the Filipinos in the science of self-governance. Even President Wilson mentioned that “every step we take will be taken with a view to the ultimate independence of the Philippine Islands”. But, the United sates also had some other colonial motives which were not so selfless after all. The following aims of American involvement were to continue the destiny of America as a world power and to use the Philippines as a source of raw materials for United States industries as well as a market for their manufactured products. Moreover, America aimed to use the Philippines as a military and naval base, and of course, to have a refueling port for American ships servicing their interest in China.

Due to the presence of war, America established a military government in the Philippines. The United States President as the Commander- in- Chief of the United States appointed General Wesley Meritt as the first Military Governor. Then he was succeeded by General Elwell S. Otis.General Otis was replaced by General Arthur Mac Arthur as the third and last military governor. Under the military government, an American-style school system was introduced, initially with soldiers as teachers; civil courts were organized, including a supreme court; and local governments were established in towns and provinces which became very useful to our country for justice. The Americans taught us to be defensive for our country. They introduced us new technologies for our every...
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