Chapter 28

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  • Published : February 14, 2013
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Chapter 28 Review

1. How did the Philippines become a major headache for America? Filipinos erupted into an open insurrection in 1899 under Emilio Aguinaldo. The war/ conflict was sordid and prolonged. Instead of quietly assimilating, they objected. 2. Why did the United States hold on to the Philippines? Millions of American dollars were invested in improving the nation’s infrastructure and education. Moreover the 2 nations had established important economic ties including trades in sugar. 3. Why did Hay propose the Open Door Policy? What was it? He proposed it because Chinese markets were being monopolized by Europeans. Hays open door policy suggested that in their leaseholds and spheres of influence they would respect certain Chinese rights and the ideal of fair competition. 4. How did the US get "entangled" in China? American public was alarmed by European encroachments into Chinese markets and demanded that Washington should do something. Chinese did not like being used as “doormats” by the Europeans and revolted. America joined in on a multinational rescue force to quell the rebellion. 5. Why was Roosevelt "kicked upstairs?" he was elected governor of New York but the local political bosses found him too headstrong and difficult to manage. 6. What were the major issues of the election of 1896? Why did McKinley win? The paramount issue as republican overseas imperialism. Along with republican fostered trusts. 7. What were Roosevelt's general ideas on foreign and domestic policy? Domestic: mostly consisted of his ideas of the Square Deal on supporting middle class and Progressive ideas, regulating Business Monopolies, and enforcing the Anti-Trust act and hopes of protecting the common people. Also towards farmers, consumers, workers, and business owners have equal treatment and opportunity to succeed. Foreign: consisted mostly of the pressing need for the canal across Central America. Roosevelt also expanded the Monroe Doctrine...