An Autobiographical Essay

Topics: Family, Police, North Philadelphia Pages: 2 (752 words) Published: September 19, 2012
An Autobiographical Essay

Stephanie M. Purnell,
Alvernia University
Composition and Research (COM 101)

Professor Zakia Gates

Allow me to introduce myself; I am the eldest offspring of two children born to the late Harold and Louise Glenn on September 26, 1957, in Philadelphia, PA. I was born Stephanie Marie Glenn, so named at the discretion of my father as a tribute to a very close colleague of his, named Stephen, and my paternal grandmother, Marie Culver. I’ll begin this autobiography at the period of my preadolescence, since it was the time of my life that I developed a very intense and impressionable awareness of my familial and non-familial relationships, my surroundings, and my worldview. I grew up in the area of Philadelphia referred to as, “North Philly” along with my only sibling, Cameron. My brother, who is eighteen months younger than I, was given the nickname “Bubba” by me and according to my mother’s account; since I had been unable to pronounce the word “brother”, therefore unable to refer to him as “my brother”, I began referring to this new family member as “my Bubba!” We grew up on a very close-knitted block of neighbors where I recall we regularly swept and cleaned the sidewalks of our homes each Saturday morning of the warmer months, which were always followed by a block party for all the children. The block parties created a lasting bond, and sense of unity for all who lived there. My parents were quite the doting type, as they had struggled with infertility issues for the better portion of their early years of marriage (as told by my mother). Therefore, my mother insisted being a “stay at home” Mom until after we each entered elementary school, since apparently no one else was good enough to raise her precious babies! Around the age of nine, I was enrolled in the Girl Scouts of America, and because of the many field trips and summer camping outings, I enjoyed the benefit of exposure to various experiences...
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