An Analysis of Two Stories

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  • Published : October 3, 2012
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“Her Second Career” vs. “Knight King”
These two stories were very similar “Her Second Career” is about a woman named Claire Nash who believed that she has talent. The talent she has is acting, acting she said could not be learned or at least made it seem that way. She is very conceded and thinks highly of herself. She learns a lesson that becoming an actress is not as easy as she thought, even though she had once been a famous actress. The second time around was not so easy. In the story the “Knight King”, Steve Hawkins is also conceded and recognized himself as one of the top thieves in the business. He is trying to steal a black diamond owned by Winton Stokes. He has been working for him for a couple years and has been trying to plan a robbery to steal the diamond.

In “Her Second Career” Claire Nash is an actor who everybody loves, but Claire is not a very nice person. Claire treats Heddy Leland who is and extra in one of here movies very rudely. A producer by name of Winston Ayers does not like the way Claire treat Heddy. Winston and makes a bit with Claire that she would not be able to make herself a star if she would have to start all over again. Winston said, “You are considered one of the world’s geniuses. But you could not make a second career (118).” She agrees to show him she can start all over and he would have to make a none popular like an extra a star. They agreed that he would make Heddy a star. One requirement from Winston is that Clair Nash becomes her former self, Jane Roberts. Winston reminds her “You are starting all over again, from the very beginning. You are taking your real name –Jane Roberts, isn’t it? You allow yourself no more money than an average extra girl can have. You know on one in Hollywood. No one has ever herd of you I wish you luck (p 120).” As she goes out as Jane she is afraid that people may recognizer as the talented Claire Nash, but to her surprise no one seems to recognizes he. She goes from one movie...
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