An Adventure I Shall Never Forget

Topics: Japan, Pacific Ocean, Yosemite National Park Pages: 3 (1276 words) Published: October 4, 2012
An adventure I shall never forget

Malia and I were very excited about the trip. We had planned it for more than one and a year and a half. The radio was playing in the background. I heard something about a new rumor about cruises disappearing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It was like the Bermuda triangle. A new way to sell souvenirs I thought. The bags were packed and our passports were lying on the kitchen table, ready to be used for the first time. My family was somewhat poor compared to other families in our city, so we very rarely travelled. I always had a dream about going on a big cruise from my hometown San Francisco to Japan… But while that had been my dream for more than 10 years, I never believed that it would never happen. About six years ago my little brother, mother, my father and I went on the biggest trip we had ever taken. It was pretty amazing! We went to Yosemite National Park in a rented car. In Yosemite we stayed at a beautiful location in the middle of the National Park. We stayed there for three days, and drove down California’s coast through Monterey to Los Angeles, and then we flew home. That was an amazing trip! But still, after that trip I still longed to get out of the United States. Two years ago I almost got a heart attack, finding out by accident that my parents had planned a family cruise to Japan. I totally freaked out and ran upstairs to my parents’ bedroom, screaming and really going out of my mind. My father asked what was wrong but I was short of breath so I started using my arms to explain the situation. When I was able to talk I explained what I saw in the basement. They looked at each other, in a denying fashion, but a few seconds later they gave up. They explained that they had been saving money for the cruise since the Yosemite trip and we were taking off in less than two years. I thought that two years was a long time to wait but here I am, standing outside my door, waiting for a cab with my mother, father,...
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