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This is to certify that ASHIT.H.TANNA in F.Y.B.B.A Class= B, Rollno. 98. ----has stisfactority completed his industrial visit per the syllabus of N.G.E.S.MUMBAI PATAN He has prepared industrial training report under supervision and his own contribution for making this report during the academic year:2009-2010

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A practical study is an important part of the syllabus of a BBA first semester program. It gives us an opportunity to relate theoretical knowledge with real corporate situation. It also helps to improve our analytical skill,communication skill and knowledge.

We have done the project on industrial visiting of AMUL DAIRY. This project is totally based on secondary data. We have gathered information about marketing department, finance department, human resource department and other organisational processes from the company itself and from the internet.



Industrial visiting is one of the most important requirements in B.B.A.through this acknowledgement, I express our sincerer gratitude towards all those people helped in the preparation of this project, which been a leaning experience.

I am thankful to owners of the company and management for spending his valuable time with me and providing necessary information required. I am also thankful staff for their cooperative behavior.

I am also thankful to our college authorities for conducting this visiting I would sincerely thank our principal SHRI C.D.MODI SIR for imparting me and opportunity to put me In the stream of pratical management. I would also like to thank our prof. for their support.

Thanking you,
Roll no.-98



Name of the co mpany

Kaira District Co-operative Milk producers Union Ltd.OR Amul Dairy.


Kaira District Co-operative Milk producers Union Ltd. Station Road,
Anand – 388001


The company establishment in14 december,1946.

Class Of Industry

Large- scale co-operation


The main gole of the Amul dairy is to provide employment & provide milk and production item to the people

It began with a farmer in Kaira District as elsewhere in India. Derived his income almost entirely form seasonal crops the income form milk as paltry 4 could not be dependent upon. The main by years were milk traders of Polson limited a privately own company as enjoy monopoly for supply of milk from kaira to the govt’s milk scheme Bombay.

The farmer appealed to Sardar Patel a great leader at India freedom movement for help Sardar Patel advice them to market the milk through a co-operative of their own.

Due to the milk through strike by kaira farmers for 15 days not a drop of milk was sold to the traders. The Bombay milk scheme was sold to the traders. The Bombay milk scheme was assessor the situation & farmer’s demand.

Thus was bron the Kaira District Co-operative Milk Producer’s Union Limited, Anand. It was formally on December 14th ,1946.

In 1958, the plant was expended to manufacture sweetened condensed milk.

At the request of manufacture 40 tones milk power 720 tones of butter a day was completed in 1963.

In 1947, the union set up a plant to manufacture high protein weaning food, chocolate & malted...
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