Letter of Submission

Topics: Human resource management, Bangladesh, Table of contents Pages: 3 (264 words) Published: April 7, 2011

Md. Fuad Hasan
Assistant Professor,
Dept of Marketing studies and International Marketing
University of Chittagong.

Subject: Submission of Industrial Tour Report.

Dear Sir
With an immense pleasure, we would like to submit our industrial tour report on “Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd.” With our limited scope and knowledge, we have tried my best to gain practical experience and tried to reflect the same in report. We wish you are heartily consideration, if there is any discrepancy in our report.

we wish to thank for your excellent coordination and efficient direction to make the program success.

You’re sincerely.
Md. Ataur Rahman------2002/29
Md. Kay Sharul Islam-------2002/68
Md. Tozammel Hossain ----2002/62
Mohammad Ziaul Huq ----2001/35
Md. Moinuddin-------------2002/50
B.B.A. (4th Year)
Session –2001-2002
Dept of Marketing studies and International Marketing
University of Chittagong


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