Among the Hidden Reflection

Topics: Margaret Peterson Haddix Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Among the hidden and Among the Impostors (323 pages)

“Among the hidden” and “Among the Impostor” is part of the phenomenal series called “The shadow children book.” This magnificent book is by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Her writing is very complex but descriptive as well, making it easier to understand the mystery book. She has countless memorable novels such as Turnabouts, Just Ella and Running out of Time. After I read this amazing series, I am hoping to read these outstanding novels. That’s why I decided to start of reading her best-selling book “Among the hidden.”

The lesson I learned during this book was not to betray your friends. This is because a teenager named Jason told the population police his friends’ real names and that they are third children. When the police came, he checked their files and different names were posted and Jason was shocked and stammering. Then, he got arrested and went to jail.

I recommend this outstanding book to grade 6 and above. Mainly because there are some inappropriate words in the book which isn’t a severe word you’ll see adult use or even high school kids when they are talking with their friends. This is a mystery/suspense book with lots of surprises happens throughout the book like in the second book, Luke wants a fake Id and gets it however the population police comes but doesn’t get caught which you won’t understand because he never does any bad action. There is also sadness like in the first book; Jen gets shot at president’s house which was also a surprise. If you’re grade 6 and above and love mystery/suspense and sadness then it’s a great choice to read these book.

My favourite character is Luke because in both of the books because of his loving personality, he is nice, caring and respectful. He possess very good characteristic which will help him get good friends who will not tell on him on the population police because he is the third child, none of his friend does except Jason and he got his...
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