American Well Case Analysis

Topics: Health care, Health economics, Health insurance Pages: 4 (1288 words) Published: November 30, 2012
Marketing I

Assignment 2

14th August 2012


Group 1, Section B A Logesh (2012PGP001) Debraj Das (2012PGP101) Lopes Raoul Reginald (2012PGP187) Piyush Gulati (2012PGP253) Roshan Anand (2012PGP316)

AMERICAN WELL: THE DOCTOR WILL E-SEE YOU NOW 1. Which of the new market opportunities do you see as the most promising? Various market opportunities available for American Well are : Hospitals – Installing an online case kiosk in emergency room will allow patients to consult physicians’ online while waiting to be seen. Moreover, the physicians would already have preliminary information about the ailment of the patient, improving the hospital’s overall efficiency. It would also help the hospitals situated far-distance to improve their customer base as it improve them build relationships.  Retail Clinics – Most of the retail clinic in US are walk-in and do not have any waiting period. Moreover, there are already established Retail clinics which would make difficult for any new entrant in the market.  Pharmacy – By allowing pharmacists to use American Well platform, it would allow the patients to clarify all their queries. It would also save the customers from getting embarrassed to ask questions in front of other customers.  International expansion - Expanding to new markets would require extensive changes to American Well organizational structure depending on the government regulations and online transfers of health information. Also, Ido and Roy have had limited or no experience of doing business outside US. So, these decisions could be delayed for the time being. Looking into the advantages and disadvantages of various opportunities listed above, we feel that targeting the hospitals would be most promising.

2. Using an appropriate method outlined in the reading, marketing analysis toolkit, Identify what is the value of online care to various stakeholders. How does this influence the company in...
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