American Samoa and Samoan

Topics: Samoa, American Samoa, Samoans Pages: 3 (689 words) Published: November 29, 2011
Topic: The Samoan culture
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about what the Samoan culture is like and how it is different from others Thesis Statement: The Samoan culture is very different from other cultures. Fa’a Samoa which means the Samoan way is referring to how Samoans are supposed to behave. Respect is a big deal in the Samoan culture. It is not taken lightly. Introduction:

I)How many of you know where Samoa is located?
II)AIGA and how it is very important to the culture.
III)The alphabet and how to say the numbers.
IV)What we wear to church and other events.
V)Going to teach you how to say certain words.
I.Where are the Samoan islands located?
A)The Samoan islands are located just south of the equator and east of the international dateline. B)There are two main islands. One of the islands is America Samoa which is a territory of America. The other island is Western Samoa which is owned by the British. C)The capital of Samoa is Apia and the capital of American Samoan is Pago Pago. D)The Samoan islands were founded in 1722 by a Dutch explorer E)Samoa is a group of twelve islands in the south pacific.

II) What is Aiga and why is it important?
A)Aiga, (which means family) is one of the most important things to the culture. B)In Samoa the larger your aiga is the more power you have on the village. C)A matai (chief) leads the family
D)Samoan families are usually large, meaning that there is about 12 or more children. It is not unusual for that to happen. E)Everything is done together in the Samoan culture and the elders are the most respected and highly regarded members of the family. F)The elders are responsible for teacher the children about the culture and they also make all the family decisions

II.I am going to now talk about the language that we speak. A)The Samoan alphabet consists of 17 letters.
B)Those are a,e,i,o,u,f,g,l,m,n,p,s,t,v,h,r,k
C)Vowels can be long or short
D)Next are the numbers. We...
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