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  • Published : August 29, 2010
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Case 2.1
American Idol: A Big Hit for Marketing Research?

1. What steps of the six-step marketing research process are evident in this case? According to Case 2.1. The steps are:
a) Problem Definition.- The definition of the problem presented when Marcello & Litzenberger analyze that professionals resistance to pursing marketing research. b) Only
Development of an Approach to the Problem.- This step occurs when they identify the information that they needed to make their objective (demonstrating the usefulness of marketing research) or theoretical framework come true, and make hypotheses. c) Research Design Formulation.- This next step is acquired when the characters decided to “what to do” to obtain the information, they analyze the research design for conducting their marketing research. d) Fieldwork or Data Collection.- This step is seen when Lizenberger and Marcello decide to went to Research Corporation to make the Data Collection, to ask the questions of the analysis. e) Data Preparation and Analysis.- When they had the data, they planed to make an analysis to reflected on the futures courses of action they could take. f) Report Preparation and Presentation.- They could drop the whole idea of demonstrating the usefulness of marketing research.

2. What is the role of marketing research in marketing decision making suggested by this case? The role of marketing research was to chow to all the professional that is a tool that includes consulting skills, technical proficiency and sound management, to provide information that this professional can use to improve their companies, to identify marketing problems and solution problems that is (suggested in the case 2.1). They have an idea to know the reason that people see the chow American Idol and improve a decision to raise the spectators that’s see this program. 3. Define the management decision problem confronting Melissa Marcello and Julie Lizenberger...
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