American Diet

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Fast Food Nation Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Scott, Tommy, Brandon, Gabe, Christian
Group Project for American Diet
American Diet Project
1. What might be done in terms of addressing the way corporations market food? a. A legal strategy that people have taken in order to change the way corporations market food is class action lawsuits such as Pelman vs. McDonalds. Pelman plaintiffs sued McDonalds for causing obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol intake, or other health related harms. Pelman’s hope is to change the way McDonald’s markets food to children in hopes that people realize that the food can be potentially hazardous to health. b. Corporations could redefine their products as more of an occasional treat rather than something to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For example, Ben and Jerry’s don’t market their product as a full meal, rather a special treat to be enjoyed. People still eat Ben and Jerry’s, yet not for every meal of the day. Corporations would still make money and people would be healthier. c. Companies have to realize that children are too young to comprend the repercussions of eating their product. It I morally wrong to turn the children against their parents to consume more of their product. It is impossible for parents to compete with the companies that offer delicious yet addicting food, and toys that come in their meals, have cartoon on TV promoting their product, and clowns or other fun character’s representing their company.

3) The problem is that the poorer neighborhoods have very low concentrations of healthy food alternatives and the resources that are available to them is out of their meager budget range, according to “Does Healthy Food Cost More in Poor Neighborhoods An Analysis of Retail Food Cost and Spatial Competition” by Hatzenbuehler, Gillespie, and O’Neil, and “Yale News “Healthy Foods Scarce in poor Neighborhoods”. There are many ways to solve this problem but only a few would be in general...
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