American Civil War

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American civil war witnessed the biggest massacre for women’s identity at that time btu wiltl they walked along with men to give them moral and emotional support so that they can reach their determined goals. During the painful journey of American civil war, every women, girl, nurse, sister, housewife played their unprecedented role.

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Women could be symbolized as a man with non ending bravery and courage, they united themselves to serve their homes and defended them untiringly from the enemies. Even better, they disguised themselves as men to show their men that they are not alone in the fight. This is why, nobody can count the number of women participated with the men during civil war and this is the sole reason why American civil war is considered the greatest war of all times.

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Apart from the exemplary showcase of women disguised in men clothing, they were also playing the role of nurses to treat the wounded soldiers in the war in which several nurses also lost their lives during the fight to save the brave soldiers. The most notable thing in the war was that women formed two groups, first; Society’s relief society and the second one was Aid society. These groups used to produce bandages and the medicines for the wounded soldiers.

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Moreover, there were women who also help the manufacturers to produce arms and ammunitions and all the required material for the soldiers fighting in the war. American women helped in whatever way they could to win the civil war while the American newspaper also praised the dynamic role played by the women during the American Civil War.


Thus, women did everything to win the stage of war, they fought like a man, they served as helpful nurses, and they even made arms and ammunitions. In short, the showcase of bravery and courage shown the American women during the civil war is exemplary and unprecedented.
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