America the Beautiful

Topics: New Jersey, Laziness, Psychology Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: April 28, 2013
America is essentially the laziest country in the world. This elucidates why there’re so many lazy people in it, like myself. However, being lazy does not necessarily mean America is a bad country; laziness makes America the unique and beautiful country we know and love. Being lazy can be awful or great, but when I describe how excited I am to go on vacation, it’s a huge deal. I’m never more anxious than the morning I wake up to go on vacation once a year. Consequently, I am usually at my worst when my family and I leave for vacation. Although I only spend a week at this place, it’s potentially the best week that I spend each and every year.

America is a unique individual with several defining qualities. Loudness and quietness coexisting in one place is remarkable and truly beautiful. Ocean City, New Jersey is a breathtaking place, as is America. Being on the beach is what I look forward to the most while preparing for vacation. Silence envelops my body on the beach, and yet waves crash down as adults and children scream and play. The most amazing part about the shore is tanning. Not because I like to get darker, but because I feel as though the sun embraces my body and gives me warmth—it’s a sense of ease, a sense of comfort. Even on the boardwalk, there’re so many people everywhere talking, laughing, eating—but the food is a completely different story.  Anyway, being on top of a ride is exhilarating, yet so serene. It’s almost as good as one of my best recollections from vacation.

America is an everlasting memory, which impacts millions of lives of people and animals everyday. Ocean City is a memory that I go through for merely seven days once a year. I am filled with jubilation all throughout my vacation every year, so it is extremely difficult for me to pick just one memory to call my favorite. However, if I had to choose, I think parasailing with my father would be my first choice. I remember how nervous I was to be buckled into that safety harness,...
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