America's Image in the World.

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America's Image in the World.

For many decades, America is known as the most powerful and rich country in the world. It's known for its freedom, its democracy, its influence on other countries, its international universities, its high values and for its charity. However, America's portrayal through others lenses around the world is varying from positive views to negative ones. America's positive reputation was more popular many years ago. After September tragedy, the position has changed. According to recent survey, it becomes bad and is still worsening. Why do the American image and reputation recently become bad? Do people around the world view America as they view American people and values? How are both viewed? And what are the motives behind America's view whether it is positive or negative?

The positive image of America is built on its good values such as justice, democracy, and freedom. The American people image is much better than the America United States. The BBC poll showed that Indians, Japanese, and Russian view American people positively. Muslims feelings are mixed but still more positive than America itself. Some American aspects are also admired such as the technological and scientific evolution, the diversity of races and cultures of the American nation, and American media. "American movies and television programs get mixed reviews while American science and technology engender substantial respect around the world." (Kull, 2007)

After September attacks, the American democracy is discredited by the failure to achieve values that America has promoted for decades. A poll, which was conducted for BBC in eighteen countries to know peoples' views of America's influence in the last three years, showed that positive views of America across the eighteen countries have slipped from forty percent in 2005 to thirty six percent in 2006 to 29 percent in 2007. Negative views have risen from forty six percent in 2005 to fifty two percent in 2007....
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