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Topics: Bob Marley, Edgar Allan Poe, Short story Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: April 17, 2011
Bryant Pereira
Prof. Parker
3rd March, 2011
“American Voices, and the Troubles of the World”
What truly is the new America voice of literature? How many real authors out there can even compare to the likes of Edgar Allen Poe, or William Falkner? In a highly re-defined country such as the United States, where education is a big part of our lifestyles, you’d expect a plethora of new age authors to appear from each and every corner. However, our system does not run like that. These days, most literature is based off of cheesy storylines, with no real educational value. Works such as Twilight, Harry Potter, and many more are what have been infiltrating the minds of many young readers alike. There are several hidden gems though, one example being a very short story, “Brownies,” written by a magnificent author, ZZ Packer. The story “Brownies” is a story that many people of cultural value can relate to, for it has many moral values in it. In my honest opinion, although the book was written far more recently, I find that ZZ Packer has the mindset of an “Old American voice.” She does not write about ridiculous stories with ridiculous action, however she writes about real hardships that people endure, and how they overcome such hardships. The older generation of American writers told tales of the values of hard work, and overcoming challenges in life with a real purpose. I find that the story “Brownies” very well represents the older voice. Although in the generation of the older voice, racism was much more accepted, it is still a topic that many very unfortunate people have endured, and eventually overcome. Brownies showed the world how terrible and tough it is to be affected by racism, or judged for anything you were born with. Although I am not much of an author myself, the way I express my thoughts, feelings, and emotions can be described as the “old American voice.” I am not one to simply describe mindless entertainment to the world. Although I aim to...
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