Ambedkar and Women Empowerment

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Ambedkar’s efforts for Women empowerment and Social justice


Anil kumar chaudhary

Research Scholar

Law Department

Lucknow University

Ambedkar’s efforts for Women empowerment and Social justice

Women of today have become very powerful they have equal opportunities as men have in all the fields like education, marriage, job, property etc. Women are now free to do everything according to their will.

It is during the time of Ambedkar that the status of women in India has started rising and she has started acquiring various rights not allowed to them prior. Previously women were treated as objects owned by men. Manu said “A woman must be her father’s shadow in childhood, her husband’s in her youth, her son’s in old age.” Ambedkar apposed this type of rules and rites, he always argued for equality among man and man and also among man and woman. Ambedkar is a chief architect of Indian Constitution and by the Indian Constitution and other social movements he always favored weak and ignored classes. It is Ambedkar’s efforts by which women are growing. Now women are getting high education, doing every type of jobs and now they are independent. They are every where, in police, parliament, judiciary, administration and every where, but their percentage is very nominal in those fields. Women is growing is a half truth other half truth is that they are facing more crimes than before. They are very soft target of criminals and also of their family members. A husband beats his wife, a brother beats his sister, a father beats his daughter and even a son beats his mother many times. We must try to treat our female child as we treat our male child. We must allow them to act independently. There is no need to bind them in filthy rites and rituals. We shouldn’t treat women as our slave or servant because they are also human being and we will have to acknowledge it. It’s time to give a broader horizon to our thinking, women are also a human being and they have equal right to live according to their will as a man lives.

“I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.”-Dr. B. R. Ambedkar In the Indian society women were treated as a sort of thing. She cannot do anything at her will because she was treated as a property of her family member’s, as Manu said “A woman must be her father’s shadow in childhood, her husband’s in her youth, her son’s in old age.”(1) From the verses of Mr. Tulsi das as written in ‘Ramcharitmanas’, “Dhol(Drum), Ganwar(Illiterate), Shudra(Lower cast), Pashu(Animal), Naari(Woman). Ye sab tadan(to beat) ke adhikari,” we can easily draw inference as to what was the status of our Indian women at ancient time. Ambedkar’s contribution towards women empowerment

Ambedkar was a great thinker, philosopher, revolutionary, jurist-par excellence, prolific writer, social activist and critic but his thoughts never received adequate attention of maximum Indian peoples and leaders just because he born as an untouchable. He gave his whole life to the rising of backward classes of Indian society like untouchables and women and that was the main cause of his opposition by the great number of Indian peoples but he never worried about it. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar was of the firm opinion that until or unless, the Hindu Dharma-shastras are not burnt up; the Hindu women will tie up with the bondage of superstitions. There was no right to women to educate or even learn Hindu Dharmshashtra. During his studies at New York Ambedkar wrote a letter to his father’s friend and expressed the view that, “We shall see better days soon and our progress will be greatly accelerated if male education is persuaded side by side with female education…"(2) In historic Mahar Satyagraha there were about 500 women took active part in...
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