Aman Ki Asha

Topics: Islam, Pakistan, India Pages: 4 (1535 words) Published: December 30, 2012
Aman ki Asha|
(M.M.Bashir Saani, Karachi)|
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Is Aman ki Asha materialize without the foundation of truth and ground facts. 

For Aman ke Asha We should know the Ground realities and out comes by Historical Way from BHARAT, HINDUSTAN, BRITISH INDIA AND PRESENT INDIA AND PAKISTAN

The sub-continent of South Asia now India and Pakistan had three names before independence. First "BHARAT' the era denotes the period before the Muslim arrival. Second "HINDUSTAN" defines the period of Muslims. Third "INDIA" is the period of British invasion. Since the Muslims came to this sub-continent gradually a large number of Bharaty peoples become Muslims and the Muslims of this sub-continent name it "Hindustan" (The word Hind is from Arabic and dustan came from central Asia for example Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan etc. The Muslims of this sub-continent own this country as "Hindustan" as they belongs to Hindustan so they are called Hindi Muslims according to their inhabitation Hindustan and so the other inhabitant of this region accepted the name of "Hindustan" as well and all the inhabitant of Hindustan called Hindo. When British invaded on this country named it as "INDIA". British got this country from Muslims therefore all the initial struggles for independence of Hindustan centered on the Muslims, whether it is the 1857 Jadujahid-e-Azadi or struggles of Teepoo Sultan or struggles of now NWFP or in Bengal. Therefore the targets of British always remained Muslims. They degraded the Muslims in all aspect of life whether it is the field of education, economy or religious honor etc. They avail every chance to encouraged or create differences amongst Muslims resulting division of Muslims into many more sects like Daubandi, Baralvi, Agha Khani, Qadiani, etc. They gathered all the culprits like peer, jagirdar and nawabs amongst the Muslim nations to create and enhance social-economic disaster, illiteracy and every...
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