Amadeus Essay

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  • Published : November 8, 2012
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Amadeus Essay
All Antonio Salieri longed for was to be a brilliant musician and represent his faith through music. He devoted his life to the study of classical music. Salieri hoped and prayed that he would the best and even. Salieri became the king’s concert master so he was living the life he wanted. Then came along Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. His music was the voice of God according to Salieri. Salieri deeply envied Mozart’s natural skill and talent. Salieri was upset with God because he gave his talent to this immature, juvenile, infant who devoted his life to a life of debauchery and contempt. Even through all his hate and envy for Mozart, Salieri possessed a secret admiration of Mozart. He did not miss a single one of his plays and tried his best to imitate his style of music. Very soon after, Salieri vowed revenge and planned to murder the “instrument of god”; which is Salieri’s actual plan. Salieri found Mozart’s weakness and of which inspired the foundation of his plan. He dressed as Mozart’s father, knowing that Mozart would do anything to please his recently passed father. Salieri, dressed as Amadeus’ father, asked him to compose a song for a funeral. Little did Mozart know that he was composing for his very own funeral. The song Mozart was composing is the song that Salieri was going to take credit for to regain fame and popularity. The only objective left to do was to actually murder Mozart. Salieri was not one to murder but the music piece drove Mozart mad and died of anxiety and depression. Salieri felt guilty nonetheless and acclaimed to the murder of God’s chosen instrument of music. I absolutely loved the movie. Although it dragged on some parts, the historical event behind it is phenomenal. I believe that the audience can really have empathy for Salieri because it happens often in our lives. The way the movie was presented stimulated synchronized feelings with Salieri: Feelings of stress, depression, envy, madness, and disappointment in God. The...
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