Maestro Essay

Topics: Caribbean, Peter Goldsworthy, Anna Goldsworthy Pages: 3 (906 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Maestro Essay- Half Yearly
Distinctively visual is language that is used to help the reader visualise what the author is trying to create. The language techniques help to give visualisation too. Certain elements are used to help create a distinctive and effective visual impact in Maestro written by Peter Goldsworthy and in the poem Island Man by Grace Nichols. These text explore isolation and the human condition on characters. Peter Goldsworthy uses important elements to create a distinctive and effective visual impact in his novel Maestro. Isolation is a theme used and shown through Characters. In the initial description of Keller, Goldsworthy creates a character full of conflicting ideas and hidden identity. He is described as an old drunk with weathered skin but then Goldsworthy makes note of his “suit: white linen, freshly pressed” this helps to show that there is more to Keller than at first. While his face shows a man full of experiences his suit suggests a formal manner. Goldsworthy uses the structure of his paragraphs to convey more meaning. His constant use of descriptive language fills in the picture he is creating. “The eyes: an old man’s moist, wobbling jellies”. This helps the reader to visualise the character Goldsworthy is trying to create. This conflicting character is used to explore isolation as a common aspect of the human condition. The two opposite sides of Keller’s nature is reflective of his self- appointed isolation and his strive to separate himself from his past. His isolation from others is shown through the symbolism of the fact that “in the entire town perhaps only the wooden slats of Edward Kellers bedroom remained closed.” His attempt to separate himself from his past is shown through his alcoholism and current location in Darwin compared to his past residency in Vienna. Drinking is symbolic of guilt and grief. “I looked across at him, the tortured, booze- ruined face”. This emotive and colloquial language is used to show how...
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