Alternating Schedules

Topics: High school, Time, Future Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Adam Cedillo
Mrs. Raines
4th Period

Alternating Schedules
Students past the eighth grade should be allowed to choose their times to go to school; the college does it, why shouldn’t we do the same? Alternating schedules could gain the students’ interest in school. We wouldn’t have the same bring schedule every day.

Alternating schedules give students time to do homework. Having school all day and then having homework is time consuming. Some students have to work right after and they don’t have the time to do homework. If they do have time, they usually stay up late completing all of the assignments. With the alternating schedules, students can arrange school and work together so they can have certain time to do work and school work. The different time schedule would let you have nine different classes with different times. You would be able to have five classes forty five minutes long on one day and four classes an hour long the other day.

Many people could say this is a bad idea because students could skip school, sleep in, or be too lazy to go to class. This would not be a problem because this is preparing students for the college lifestyle. This schedule would be something that will be of a use in the future. Preparing students for the college life is necessary so they will not be shocked when they arrive to the college. Even the minor things like an alternating schedule are very helpful.

Alternating schedules would be very interesting to have and useful to us. The schools should really be considering what positive effect this schedule has. Many students would be satisfied with this because most of them work or have other things like after school activities, clubs, and band.
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