Topics: Responsibility, Proactive, Teacher Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Many different families have different rules and standards about children receiving allowance. Some families don’t let their children have allowance at all. Other families give children a set amount of money no matter what. However, neither of these methods is as effective to a child’s character growth as the third method; only giving children allowance when they have earned it. Parents should only give their children an allowance when they earn it because this teaches about responsibility, the real world, and being proactive. One of the most common arguments from people who believe that children should get allowance regardless of behavior or how well they do with chores is that it will teach children to be responsible with their money. However, this only works to a minor degree, whereas only giving children allowance when they have earned it yields greater results. Because the children have had to work for their money, they are more likely to be careful with it. When one child was asked about an experience she had with her earned allowance money, she told the story of how she broke her iPod and had to buy a new one. Because her only source of income was money earned from good behavior and well-done and willingly done chores, she knew she would have to be very careful with the new iPod she bought because she paid for it with her own hard-earned cash. She was more responsible with her belongings because she knew she would have to deal with the consequences of breaking it rather than her parents. Additionally, teaching children to be responsible in a simple way that encourages them to do their chores can help them to become principal centered. Responsibility is one principal that children can learn to focus largely on. Teaching children about the principal of responsibility will encourage them to act responsibly through their whole lives. Not only does only giving children allowance teach them about responsibility, but it also teaches them how the real world...
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