All Summer in a Day

Topics: Planet, Solar System, Sun Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: May 12, 2013
It's my school report in korean. Please don't copy that.

Here you have to begin with the summary of the story very briefly, maybe for 1 paragraph. Just write very important events of the story……. There was a one girl, Margot. Once she lived in the earth. And in the story, she transfered to the planet Venus. The Venus has strange weather that is rainy, no sunny during seven years. The children who lived in the Venus had no memory of the sun. Only one child who had lived in the Earth in the past, Margot had the memory of the sun. Other children hated her because she had frail body, pale face, ghost-like voice and the memory of the sun. One day, in the Venus The scientists predicted that the sun would arise during two hour. In that day, the children confined Margot to the closet. When the sun arised, the children enjoyed the sun but Margot couldn’t see the sun.

And then, here you write how you feel about the story. You can write anything related to the story such as your experience, current isSues, or just what you thought about the story. Frankly speaking, I don’t know the exact message that the author would like to speak. I just think that a mankind has bad mind innately. Jealousy. The sun means hope. For Margot, the sun is vital to live. But the children full of jealous take this hope away from Margot. The little young children did that. Although the story depicts that Margot just lost the opportunity to see the sun, I thought that, she totally lost the hope of live Just because of jealousy. In fact, I am intersted in psychology. Because of this my interest, I thought in this way. This story shows well the aspect of human’s mind and to some degree supports the theory that human nature is fundamentally evil.

If you make new title for this story, what is it?
I thought one title “The Venus’ tears” because the Venus is like woman name and rainy weather is like her crying. Another title is “The woman who envied the Earth”. The Venus is the Goddess of...
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