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  • Published : April 20, 2011
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Annotated Works Cited
Becker, Jasper. Rogue Regime. New York: Oxford University Press, 2005. In his book, Jasper Becker reveals Kim Jong’s Il’s lifestyle and his lavish comforts. In his book, he identifies Kim’s economic collapse and nuclear warhead plans. He also describes the cruel mistreatment of prisoners and their horrific living conditions within the camp’s ground. His book clearly indicates Kim Jong Il’s communist and uncaring ways. Kim, Mike. Escaping North Korea. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2008. Mike Kim reveals why North Korea is an isolationist country. He gives insight on the famine epidemic occurring within the North Korean population. He also describes how North Koreans are brainwashed their entire life and know nothing outside of their border. His book reveals the negative effects of Kim Jong Il’s tyrant decisions. Levin, Norman, and Yong-Sup Han. Sunshine in Korea. Santa Monica: RAND, 2002. Levin Norman and Yong-Sup Han give insight of South Korea’s engagement policies. South Korea desperately wants a reconciliation or unification with North Korea. Unfortunately, Levin and Yong-Sup point out North Korea’s motives make unification impossible. The two study South Korea’s ability to maintain consensus with North Korea. They describe Kim Jong Il’s secretive nuclear war program and South Korea and the world reaction to it.

Cumings, Bruce. The Korean War. New York: Modern Library, 2010. Bruce Cumings explains the Korean War and America’s involvement. He identifies that Americans intended to win the war, but soon to realize the war was lost due to our capabilities to identify the enemy. He lists important event from the beginning of Korea’s time, Japan’s involvement, the invention of the Hangul language, the conflict between the opposing north and south side, and the placement of the 38th parallel. He insists the Korean War is the “Forgotten War” and it has remade the United States and the Cold War. Brady,...
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