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Topics: Life, Death, Murder Pages: 3 (973 words) Published: May 9, 2013
All Souls
In the book All Souls Michael McDonald faces a lot of life situation that are very difficult to handle. MIchael went through a lot as kid that no kid should ever experience. The McDonald family moved into the Old Colony Projects from the Columbia Point t. The McDonald's were not wealthy they didn't have the nicest house. Their neighborhood wasn't the safest place ever , there was a lot of violence in the projects. Projects Michael was the youngest out of 7 before Seamus and Stephen were born. Michael went through 4 deaths in his family 4 of his older brother went through traumatizing deaths that impacted Michael life tremendously. Throughout the book Michael experiences the traumatizing deaths of his 4 older brothers. Each death has changed Michael’s life dramatically. Michael’s older brother Davey killed himself in August 1979 and the whole family had a very difficult time dealing with the death. Then in 1984, Frankie was involved in a robbery. During the Robbery he got shot and he needed medical attention. Instead his friends didn't want to get caught and put a bag over his head and hid him under the seat. Frankie died and he could have survived if he went to the doctors. Michaels family all looked up to Frankie. He was doing good, he wasn't involved in drugs and he was one of the kids that were going somewhere in life. Kevin died in 1985, he was serving time in jail and supposedly he killed himself but some say he was murdered. After so many death Michael is taking it hard but hes not showing it “i went to bed numb i wasn't going to feel this one”. All

these death impacted Michael greatly and I guess it wanted Michael to do really good and get out of Southie and make something out of himself. Another thing that impacted Michael is when Kathy jumped off the roof trying to kill herself. It was a couple years after Davey’s death and Michael herd all the sirens “ I knew right away from the fast knocks and then kicks, that it was our turn once...
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