All My Sons Essay 1

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All My Sons

The play ‘All My Sons’ by Arthur Miller is a very twisted play in which Miller makes our attitude towards the central character –Joe Keller- change several times.

Set against the context of mid-west America in 1947, Arthur Millar’s ‘All My Sons’ tells the tale of Joe Keller a sixty one year old business man who supplied the army with plane parts. One lot of parts came out one day and Steve Deever, Joe’s business partner found out that the cylinder heads they were defaulted. Steve called Joe and told him about this problem and Joe told him to send them out, knowing that they were broken. During the war 21 Pilots died due to the broken parts and Joe and Steve got arrested and put in jail. Joe denied the phone call in court and managed to get himself exonerated and left his partner Steve Deever in jail to take the blame himself.

At the start of the play our initial assumptions the character of Joe Keller is put across to the reader as a man who has worked very had throughout the course of his life and would put his family before all else. Keller is also portrayed as a very popular man with the youngsters and neighbours. “I got all the kids crazy!”

This quotation is taken after a conversation Joe has with Bert – a kid in the neighbourhood-were Joe is having a good laugh and playing with him. During this conversation we get the vibe that Joe has a good relationship with a lot of his neighbours and their children. This use of the word ‘all’ and not just ‘I got some of the kids going crazy’ is very clear and keeps the idea of him being a very popular man. This draws the reader to Joe in a very friendly and start to like Joe as a character.

As the play continues Miller really continues with Joe Keller’s character and the love he has for his family. Joe as a very strong, father and son relationship with Chris is remaining son. This relationship Joe and Chris have is one of the main themes of the play.

“Chris, I want you to use what I made for...
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