All Amendments in the Constitution of India

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1st amendment
June 18, 1951
To fully secure the constitutional validity of zamindari abolition laws. To place reasonable restriction on freedom of speech.
A new constitutional device, called Schedule 9 introduced to protect laws that are contrary to the Constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights. These laws encroach upon property rights, freedom of speech and equality before law

2nd amendment
May 1, 1953
A technical amendment to fix the size of each parliamentary constituency between 650,000 and 850,000 voters.

3rd amendment
February 22, 1955
Limits maximum no of seats in lok Sabha up to 500
States to be divided into constituencies such that one member of a constituency represents between 500000 and 750000 people

4th amendment
April 27, 1955
Restrictions on property rights and inclusion of related bills in Schedule 9 of the constitution

5th amendment
December 24, 1955
Provides for a consultation mechanism with concerned states in matters relating to the amendments to the territorial matters and in the re-naming of the state

6th amendment
September 11, 1956
Amended the Union and State Lists with respect to raising of taxes

7th amendment
November 1, 1956
Reorganization of states on linguistic lines
Abolition of Class A, B, C, D states
Introduction of Union Territories

8th amendment
January 5, 1960
Clarify state's power of compulsory acquisition and requisitioning of private property Include Zamindari abolition laws in Schedule 9 of the constitution

9th amendment
December 28, 1960
Minor adjustments to territory of Indian Union consequent to agreement with Pakistan for settlement of disputes by demarcation of border villages, etc.

10th amendment
August 11, 1961
Incorporation of Dadra, Nagar and Haveli as a Union Territory after acquisition from Portugal

11th amendment
December 19, 1961
Election of Vice President by Electoral College consisting of members of both Houses of Parliament, instead of election by a Joint Sitting of Parliament. Indemnify the President and Vice President Election procedure from challenge on grounds of existence of any vacancies in the electoral college

12th amendment
December 20, 1961
Incorporation of Goa, Daman and Diu as a Union Territory, after acquisition from Portugal

13th amendment
December 1, 1963
Formation of State of Nagaland, with special protection under Article 371A

14th amendment
December 28, 1962
Incorporation of Pondicherry into the Union of India
Creation of Legislative Assemblies for Himachal Pradesh, Tripura, Manipur and Goa

15th amendment
October 5, 1963
Raise retirement age of judges from 60 to 62
Other minor amendments for rationalizing interpretation of rules regarding judges etc.

16th amendment
October 5, 1963
Make it obligatory for seekers of public office to swear their allegiance to the Indian Republic and prescribe the various obligatory templates

17th amendment
June 20, 1964
To secure the constitutional validity of acquisition of Estates and place land acquisition laws in Schedule 9 of the constitution

18th amendment
August 27, 1966
Technical Amendment to include Union Territories in Article 3 and hence permit reorganisation of Union Territories

19th amendment
December 11, 1966
Abolish Election Tribunals and enable trial of election petitions by regular High Courts

20th amendment
December 22, 1966
Indemnify & validate judgments, decrees, orders and sentences passed by judges. Validate the appointment, posting, promotion and transfer of judges except those not eligible for appointment under article 233. Amendment was needed to overcome the effect of judgement invalidating appointments of certain judges in the state of Uttar Pradesh

21th amendment
April 10, 1967
Included Sindhi as a National Language

22nd amendment
September 25, 1969
Provision to form Autonomous states within the State of...
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