All About Happiness

Topics: Happiness, Positive psychology, Travel Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Wes Kleinsorge
English Composition
Ms. Cunningham
23 September, 2011
All About Happiness
The word “Happiness" to me means something or some certain event that brings joy and good feelings to someone. The dictionary definition describes Happiness as: a mental state of well being characterized by positive emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Happiness is a combination of freedom, enjoyment, and accomplishment. One of the aspects of happiness is freedom. Having the feeling of freedom makes me feel in control and able to do what makes me happy which makes the event more enjoyable. A few months ago I purchased a motorcycle. Buying a motorcycle was one of the most exciting and enjoyable moments of my entire life. I was happy because it was a new adventure for me. It gave me a new feeling and sense of freedom. The shine, the newness, and the phenomenal condition all caught my eye when I first saw it. After I earned my license and learned how to ride I had a feeling of control of my own enjoyment. When I ride it all I can hear is the sound of the engine and the wind, and that gives me a feeling of adventure and freedom. I see another aspect of happiness for me is excitement. For my senior trip in March of 2011 I went on a trip to Texas with nine of my good friends. Being on a spring break trip with my friends and no parents made our friendship stronger. Having the excitement of being on our own and doing what we wanted made the trip much more enjoyable. The feeling of being out of school and away from home is exciting. Being on the beach and in the ocean was something I hadn’t done in a while which made it fun. One other aspect of happiness is having a feeling of accomplishment. Last summer I had a serious problem with my golf game and lost a lot of confidence. At the beginning of this year I finally gained that confidence back and was able to make the Pitt State golf team. I had a serious feeling of accomplishment when I became...
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