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Physical Signs of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is defined as a situation where an individual repeatedly takes more than the recommended amount of alcohol. although alcohol is good when used in the right amount by adults, to much of it has lots of consequences on the life on an individual. This is because alcohol abuse causes emotional, financial, social and physical problems in the life on an individual abusing it. if you are an individual who is an alcoholic, you will find yourself in at least one of these problems. If not corrected early alcohol abuse can lead to lot physical problems. in this articles, we are going to look at some of the most common physical signs of alcoholism.

The first major sign that you are an alcoholic is beer belly. Taking lots of beer leads to accumulation of fats in one’s abdomen. If the amount of beer taken is too high the fat accumulated will start to show as beer belly. taking lots of beer also lead to retention of a water in the abdominal regions. A combination of fat accumulation and water retention will result into a huge beer belly. beer belly causes lots of discomfort to an individual due to its weight and it can make an individual obese. If you start growing beer belly, it is pretty obvious you are an alcoholic and needs to reduce your alcohol consumption and if possible stop drinking completely. Beer belly is shown by one having a belly much heftier than his or her arms and legs.

taking lot of beer also causes an individual to have red and ruddy facial features. This is very conspicuous in individuals who has normal facial features before they started drinking. Too much alcohol consumption will also lead to an individual having bloated face.

If you take too much alcohol you will start suffering from memory loss. Alcohol affects brain cells in regions used for memory. Some research shows that actually taking alcohol fasten dying of brain cells. When brain cells die too fast, one loses memory. If you find yourself...
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