Alcohol Awareness

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  • Published : July 7, 2010
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Alcohol Awareness
The entertainment and movie industry lead people to believe that college is just one big party but in reality it takes hard work and dedication. The biggest misconception is that every college student parties, drinks, and crams last minute for exams. UTSA has heard and seen the effects it has on the incoming freshmen and they have many different resources to help warn students of alcohol and the toll it takes on college life. In the 2007-2008 school year UTSA’s liquor law arrests rose to 23% compared to the last year, and from 2008-2009 93% of all offenses on campus were drug and alcohol related (Alcohol). This shows that no matter how much UTSA tries to prevent these incidents it can never stop unless the students are willing to become responsible about alcohol. According Mothers Against Drunk Driving; 48% of all alcohol consumed by students attending a 4-year college is consumed by underage students (Underage). In order to start classes at UTSA it is mandatory for all incoming freshmen to take the AlcoholEdu course. This course is designed to help you make smart choices about alcohol and help you understand the effects of the dangerous substance (AlcoholEdu). UTSA also has many organizations to help promote alcohol awareness. Sexual Health Alcohol and Drug Education for Students (SHADES) and Peers Against Impaired Driving (PAID) are both student based programs that focus on sending a message out their peers to make rational decisions when it comes to alcohol and helping them understand and cope with the pressures of drinking. Be A Responsible Roadrunner (BARR) sponsors many activities around campus to give an alternative form of entertainment like the Rowdy Wing Fling; this is a concert at the beginning of the year with activities and free hot wings. This helps reinforce that you can have fun without alcohol (Student). Campus Crawl is another fun filled alcohol-free event letting you interact and meet new people while you get some facts...
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