Albert Einstien

Topics: Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Quantum mechanics Pages: 3 (799 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Christian Alfaro
Ms. McGowan
24 January 2013
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein is possibly the most critically acclaimed philosophers of the modern era. His discoveries are hailed among the greatest of all time, many being necessary to human advancement. Einstein has been a prime inspiration to many famous scientists and his work has lasted the test of time. His impact on society has been nearly unmatched, having famous and insightful quotes. Therefore, Albert Einstein is historically significant, because his theories and insight have set the base for nearly all modern philosophy. As a child Einstein was influenced by the simplest of device, or movements. Born in 1879, and raised in Germany during the prime years of German science and philosophy, his father, Hermann Einstein, held a job as a mechanic. Hermann proved to be a prime influence, introducing Albert to devices such as the pocket compass. This made Albert curious about mechanics and inspired him to build mechanical devices. Max Talmud, who was a medical student, showed Albert famous science and philosophy essays. Writings such as “Critique of Pure Reasoning,” and “Elements,” by Euclid taught Einstein deductive reasoning. Einstein soon learned Euclidean Geometry from a separate book. Influences in Einstein’s adult life were just as important. Mileva Maric was Albert’s first wife and is believed to have contributed to his work. Historians found evidence that Maric had done a large portion of the mathematical calculations and his early work. Max Planck developed the quantum theory for which Einstein used to explain the photoelectric effect. Isaac Newton’s laws of motion assisted Albert in many of his theories. Isaac Newton was a pioneer in the studies of evaluating movement which was necessary in Einstein’s theory of relativity. Einstein has written and published work that has been inspirational to many. But none of his work is as famous as the E=mc2 equation. This equation is merely a component...
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