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Al-Ghazali has been given the title of being one of the great Muslim theologians. Under the study of theologians such as Al-Juwayni and Imam Al-Haramayn, Al-Ghazali has made a standing ground of how a religious man should order his life from hour to hour and day to day basis. Majority of his thoughts still have significance in today’s world. For example his analysis of sinful acts and how to avoid them. There are, however, some of his thoughts that seem to be illogical for when trying to apply it to the generation of today. Islam is not only considered to be a spiritual connection to God, but it is a way of life; how one remembers God on day to day basis by not only praying five times a day but also by abiding to the rules and regulation that he has bestowed upon us for prevention of sin. With corruption and media presentation in today’s time, it’s very difficult for one to be in such a pure form from avoiding sins as in lying cursing and an important one, zinna (premarital sex). Everyday a person is to wake up by remembering God Almighty. However, it is more common to lie and curse than to send a blessing to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is said that on judgment day all your body parts will speak up against you for all the crimes you have forced them to commit. Your hands for will speak up for all the times you took something that was not rightfully yours. Your tongue will tell of tall the times you swore a lie. Lying gives a black mark on ones own character. Clearly everyone is aware of the story of the boy who cried wolf. Making lying as a habit will not make you trustworthy enough.
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