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As worldwide negative image of Bangladesh hurts its social and economical development as it is expected, therefore branding would be one of the ideal option for the country to gain a positive image as it has been established by other countries of the world. Searching for ideal products to represent Bangladesh with uniqueness, we have suggested Jute which is the golden fiber of Bangladesh. Jute is integral part of the movement that eventually led to the Independence War of Bangladesh in 1971. Jute is environment friendly alternatives in synthetic world. Use of biodegradable jute from traditional sacks to composite in automobile industry or geo-textile or deforestation paves the way to be substitutes for many synthetic products. Bangladesh has the natural advantage to produce best quality, which no other country can imitate. Authors argue that this uniqueness with environment friendly characteristics of jute makes it the ideal product for ‘Branding Bangladesh.’ Thus integrated policy along with marketing and promotional campaign of jute can bring a positive Bangladesh worldwide.


Bangladesh, as a LDC, faces a reputation challenge which is popularly known as its image problem. Bangladesh has gained the image of a country with too many people, too much poverty, too little resources, too frequent disasters, too little ability to change for better (Yunus, 1992). Whenever the international community thinks of Bangladesh, negative impression flashes into their mind and factors like corruption, child labor, underdeveloped human assets, internecine politics, bad investment climate, poor law and order, and recently Islamic terrorism had killed its image. Even, according to some people image crisis is the number one problem for Bangladesh. Hence, this study focus shifted to the questions like, how the image could be developed. From secondary study we have found that branding, particularly nation branding is one of the way to develop the image of bangladesh. In fact, the secondary study suggested the proposition that, in the competitive era of globalized world Bangladesh should concentrate on nation branding to uphold its image to the people, i.e. the tourists, investors and other stake holders of the country. The biggest question lies which will be the ideal product/ service that have unique characteristics for Bangladesh and can bring the positive image of Bangladesh internationally.

Protect the interest of jute growers by ensuring minimum support price to them for their produce Involve State Governments and Growers‘Co-operatives in minimum support operation of raw jute Development of the marketing infrastructure and establishment of market linkage for raw jute Maintain an up-to-date database on raw jute market and disseminate relevant information and commercial intelligence for the benefit of jute growers and consumers Taking suitable steps to assist jute growers to get better returns Stabilization of raw jute prices in the interest of jute economy Satisfying the buyer mills through maintenance of BIS standard of grading in raw jute through strict quality measures and timely supply Maintain a constant dialogue with jute growers, State Governments of the jute growing States, Apex Co-operatives acting as our agent, consumers, industries, financial institutions and our employees while framing policies & programmers on raw jute procurement Provide a monitoring and redressal system to ensure that our responses to the public are sent within the specified time as quickly as possible Make our rules and procedures as simple as...
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