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Topics: Project management, Electricity generation, Bangladesh Pages: 31 (8919 words) Published: January 3, 2013
1. Introduction:

Bangladesh is a developing country. In Bangladesh project management is very crucial task in the government institution and government officials. In case of Bangladesh project procedures is very lengthy process. In this concern project planning and implementation is very lengthy because of cultural heritage manpower unavailability, unaware of time concept & cost, centralized authority, complex formalities, lack of technical competence, hesitance and inconsistence in decision making. In Bangladesh, there is no such thing as Time-Cost Trade-Off between objective (project completion in time) and means (formalities & procedure). Looking at the set up of procedures and the continuous changes that are brought in it, one feels that the systems are built on a general’s assumption that everybody is dishonest unlike in the west, whereby and large “Systems are built on general assumption that everyone is honest”. Project decision making is inconsistence and hesitance in Bangladesh because that can turn out to be either right or wrong. One is in deep waters if the decisions are wrong and appreciation for good deeds is rare. However, Bangladesh govt. and private organization should make strong concentrate that how project implementation procedures make easy public oriented and result based of the project.

1. Objective:

The Primary objective of this report is to SOWT analysis of challenges which we found in a project.

2. Methodology:

The study requires various types of information past and present policies, procedures.

Data Sources:

← Annual report, Publications, Training Materials. ← Brochures, Booklets etc.
← Internet, Newspaper, Magazine.

2. Project Background in Bangladesh:

In 1971 the United Nations identified underdeveloped countries of the world as Least Developed Countries (LDC) and focused on socio‐economic development of those countries. Bangladesh was identified as one of such countries in 1975. These countries have a large number of poor living on less than a dollar a day. In these countries the quality of education and health condition is poor, and the industrial sector is very thin. As one would expect, their annual per capita income is at most 750 US dollars. Currently there are 50 least developed countries. World Bank has also classified countries based on economic progress. According to that classification, countries with per capita income of USD 10,725 are High Income Countries (HIC) and countries with per capita income of less than USD 785 are Low Income Countries (LIC).

At present per capita income in Bangladesh are only USD 695 (BDT 47,955) and almost 40 percent (58 million) of population live below the poverty line. Literacy rate in Bangladesh has increased to 56.1 percent. Income from industry is 29.7 percent of total national income, and external trade is 40 percent of total national income. In many aspects we are no longer in the same socio-economic position as we were in 1975-1990. However, we are still considered as one of the least developed countries. Such a label according to the yardstick of economic progress does not glorify us in the world stage in any way. Present government has vowed to eradicate poverty, attain highest possible growth by 2021, and build the country such that a thriving economy will fulfill basic human needs. Increased investment is a must for attaining higher growth.

Bangladesh economy failed to gather momentum until 1990. Average growth rate during this time was stagnant at less than 4 percent per year. In the 1990s, economic growth began to gather momentum after restoration of democracy. Since 1996-97 the growth rate did not fall below a decent 5 percent. In the new millennium Bangladesh achieved growth rate of 6 percent. Growth rate, however, has become sluggish again. The growth rate is also on the decline due to impact of the global economic downturn. Lack of investment...
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