Airline Differentiation

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  • Published : November 22, 2012
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Airlines Differentiation

In the world of airlines there is a huge market for varies airlines that offer different services to the customers to gain the competitive advantage. In the following article we will outline the differences between airlines like: “Emirates airline”, “Qatar” and “Air Arabia”. Those airlines will mainly differ in following criteria’s:

• Price is one of the most important differences that airlines would have among each other. Looking at Emirates that has competitive pricing to the rest of its rivals in similar service quality we can say that services of the airline would affect the difference in price among the airlines. This example shows us that Qatar Airlines as it is the first Five Star Airline that offers premium services would differ in price compare to Emirates. Customers can choose what quality of service they would receive according to the price they want to pay. That’s why we thing that airlines can be split in to three separate press categories according to the service they offer. Emirates would fit in the middle price category compare to Qatar Airlines which offers superior service for a superior price. The last category of price range we would consider Air Arabia as it has the minimum possible service but also has the lowest price range for varicose destinations (An example: Emirates offers return flight to Bangalore from 20th December till 23d December for 2640dhs., Qatar offers the same flight for 2350dhs, Air Arabia offers for 790dhs). • In flight service would show the biggest difference among the three airlines. Looking at Emirates and Qatar airline we can see that inflight service at Qatar would be Five Star class compare to Emirates four star. For example Qatar would offer its Five Star Award winning wines and champagnes to attract customers with is superior inflight entertainment system while sited in De Luxe seat. Looking at Emirates which service would differ as Emirates sets out lower standards for its...
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