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AICUF is a Catholic Organisation in college which is involved in nurturing the faith of the Catholics in our college as well as participating in inter – collegiate fests, various seminars, conferences and rallies.

A large cultural team of approximately 80 students was formed to participate in various fests. The overwhelmed cultural team was filled with enthusiasm and was awaiting the first Gospel Fest.

Our first Gospel Fest was ‘Stauros ’12’, which was held by Mount Carmel College. The fest was held for 2 days with over 15 events conducted. Among the 10 colleges that participated, our college was declared the overall winners.

The next fest we participated in was ‘Exodus ’12’, conducted by St. Joseph’s Arts and Science College. The competition between the participating colleges was very tough but with the great effort of our students and with their enthusiasm and support, we won the overall at this fest as well. Our college was also endowed with a special certificate as ‘The Best College’ for the most number of participants in the fest. Our Gospel Band was also awarded a special prize for winning the Gospel Rock Event. This overall has been won by us for 2 years in succession.

With a huge amount of confidence and zeal, our cultural team participated in ‘Exalted’12’, conducted by Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College. Once again, our college won the overall against colleges like St. Joseph’s Arts and Science College and Christ University, making it a continuous achievement of overall victories during this academic year.

With pride in our hearts and with the Word of God on our lips, we will do our best to put God first in our lives and to participate in all activities for the greater glory of God and to proclaim his Word to all around us. We will also do our very best in the upcoming fests.

All this would not have been possible without the guidance, help and support of God our Father, our Principal, Dr. Lily N David, the...
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