Strengths and Weaknesses of Quantitative Research

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  • Published : January 8, 2013
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Caroline Palmer
CIPD Level 5 Intermediate Certificate in Human Resource Management

Using Information in Human Resource Management
Julie Mortiboys
Written Research Proposal

Word Count: 3762

20/09/12 – 15/11/12


|Name: | | | |Caroline Palmer | |Proposed Title of Report: | | | |CRB Checks and their importance. Should voluntary staff be CRB Checked? |

| | | |Background of the organisation|The organisation that the report writer is investigating is The Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre. | |and outline of the research |The Arts Centre is a multipurpose space that provides arts activities for the whole community. Offering over| |project under investigation, |150 nights of live performance, and over 600 hours of community classes per year. | |including identification of | | |the research question, the |The centre is run by a Director, Director’s PA, Centre Administrator, Box Office Manager, Marketing Manager, | |aims and objectives and what |Facilities Manager, Front of House Supervisor, and a Technical Manager and on show and event nights has a lot| |the added value will be for |of voluntary help from adults and children. The centre is used by the public and is joined onto Heathfield | |the organisation |School so is used by the teachers and students for drama and music lessons and other school activities. | |(AC 2.1) | | | |With only a small team of staff it can be difficult for the centre to recruit staff that are willing to get | | |involved and help with all kinds of work not just jobs from their job description, whether it might be from a| | |range of roles like cleaning, supervising paid and voluntary staff and children that help on show nights or | | |running the bar amongst others. | | | | | |As the business has children volunteering at the centre and the centre is also part of a secondary school for| | |the students to use all of the staff that work there have to have a CRB check which is a personal history | | |check via the Criminal Records Bureau. There are many different forms of the CRB checks depending on which | | |kind of business it is for. | | |...
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