Ai War Research

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Christopher M. Park


Pablo Vega
Pablo is incredibly talented, and it was my good fortune to meet him at just the right time in both our careers. His music really completes the game experience, I think.


Many sounds have been edited, adjusted, or cropped from their original forms. by BLASTWAVE FX (
by Stuart Duffield (
by SFX Bible (
by unclehomunculus (


by Daniel Cook ( )
All graphics, except where otherwise noted.
“Tyrian” art by Daniel Cook
“Iron Plague” art by Daniel Cook
“Hard Vacuum” art by Daniel Cook
Daniel Cook is the amazingly talented artist behind all the ship and shot designs. He graciously made these designs available -- for free -- on his website, and this gave me all the material I needed to come up with multiple tech levels of each type. If it were not for his generosity, I don’t know what this game would look like.

by Christopher M. Park
-Using Universe Image Creator:
-All planets
-Star fields

Special Thanks / Alpha Test /Design Assist

- Michael Park
- Melvin Park
- Desmond Kaplan
Without these three to help with play testing, brainstorming, and ongoing persistence at bug-hunting and feature evaluation, this game would never have...
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