Ahn Doh

Topics: Australia, Sentence, Optimism Pages: 3 (975 words) Published: March 5, 2013
To feel a sense of belonging to place or people a culture needs to be defined so the bases of an identity can be formed. It is therefore often assumed that an abrupt change of culture can interfere with a person’s sense identity and lead to disconnection from their new surroundings. But a change in culture can also add a new dimension, redefining a person into a developed individual and giving them a new sense of belonging and identity. Their experiences and the immediate environment they are in influence their perception of belonging. This perception influences their view as either positive or negative and this can have dramatic implications on their life.

A comprehensive interview with Anh Do undertaken by the ABC television in 2011 tells a story of Ahn’s family coming to Australia and how he adapted to the Australia way of life and blended in as a Vietnamese child. Ahn wanted to fit in and his positive approach toward his new life demonstrated his desire to belong.

When asked if he fitted in? Ahn replies, “There’s differences and all that but you know its all part of the fun” showing his optimistic view in a tough time in his life. Ahn’s charismatic and confident nature when answering this question represents that he is assured he belongs to this country. His language clearly shows how successful his integration into multicultural Australia has been. This is also represented in his use of language with the consistent use of ‘you know’ mid sentence emphasising that he feels that he completely belongs to this new culture and it has become apart of his identity.

Anh worked hard to become what he is today. As a teen his father left his mother and he did not see his father for 8 years. But that didn’t change Ahn’s positive outlook on life. When asked what was it like when his family first came to Australia he replies with “it was hard work and all that but you know my family just sort of looked around and said what about this great country Australia”...
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