Agriculture in Pakistan

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The Agriculture sector uninterrupted engages in recreation of Pakistanis economy since independence. In the early time period it considered a dominant sector but due to the declining its performance due to the political, social, environmental and climate conditions its production yield goes down gradually and now it is the second largest sector in Pakistan. It accounting for over 21% of GDP, 45% of total labour force engaged with this sector. Around 63% of country population live in rural areas is indirectly or directly linked with this sector for their livelihood. Agriculture sector have strong linkage with the rest of the economy that is unnoticed in statistics. While on the Other hand, it is the primary supplier of raw materials to downstream industry, that contributing significantly to Pakistan’s export, it is the largest market for industrial manufactured goods such as pesticides, fertilizers, tractors and agriculture equipments.

The object of Agriculture has changed from “self-reliance” to “Commercialization” and this is called Economic operation in Agriculture. Farming supplies is now being changed instead to individual benefits but as exchange commercial business. The aim of production converted into maximization the profitable level. Similarly the concept of self-sufficiency has become changed into profit Maximization.

This research comprising the several variables having some predictors and self-sufficient. Gross Domestic product is one of the well-built indicators to measure the growth pattern of the economy. It notifies the Aggregate value of all final goods and services produced within a country over the specific time period. According to the World Bank the GDP of Pakistan was $161.99 Billion or 5,475,716 Million in PKR in the year 2009.

Predictor variable comprises five sub-sectors include Major, Minor crops, livestock’s, fisheries and forestry. Major crops consist of cotton, rice, wheat and sugarcane etc. and contribute 6.5% solely to the GDP. Cotton is the main non-food crop that is used as a raw material for the textile industry. Pakistan is the fourth largest producer of cotton. Rice and Wheat are the major food crop out of which rice is also one of the main export items of the country. Sugarcane is another important crop grown for sugar and sugar related products. Minor crops consist of oilseeds, vegetables, pulses, chilies and other small crops. Oil seed crops include cottonseeds, rapeseed/mustard, sunflower and canola etc.

Livestock sector includes cow, buffalos, goats, donkeys, horses and poultry and is an important sub-sector of agriculture. Its importance lies in the fact that many rural families depend on their livestock for their daily nutrition and income. Livestock also contributes around 11% to the national GDP. The Government has placed livestock on the national development agenda and has formulated the ‘Livestock Development Policy’ and ‘Poultry Development Policy’ aimed at the Private sector Involvement in these sectors.

Pakistan has a large dairy sector and is, by current estimates, the fourth largest milk producer in the world, following India, China and USA. Current Production levels are around 35 billion litters and there are around 8 million farming households and a total herd size of 50 million animals. In monetary terms, the milk produced in Pakistan is worth Rs. 177 billion and the largest product in the entire agriculture sector. Currently only 3% of the total milk production is processed and marketed through the formal channels. Milk production is expected to grow an additional 3 billion litters in the next five years and the market for processed milk is growing at a steady rate of 20% per annum.

As far as fisheries sector, Pakistan has a costal line about 1,050-km and has been famous for fishing in the region. Pakistan sell abroad good quality seafood’s to various countries namely, china, Thailand, UAE and other gulf...
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