Cash Crops of Pakistan

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Rice is the most important cereal grown globally and the major staple food for about half of the world population, providing 23% of the worldwide calorie intake.
Around 600 million tons of rice is produced globally each year. With in the next 20 years, this production needs to increase by 20 to 30% to satisfy the demand of an expanding population in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Hybrid rice is expected to play a major role in breaking the current yield frontier and thus contributing to sustainable food security. In an increasingly competitive environment, the higher productivity of hybrid rice will also contribute to improve the profitability and competitiveness of rice cultivation.

China has demonstrated the benefits and value of hybrid rice for many years. Hybrids are now cultivated successfully on about 55% of the rice growing areas and contribute to 66% of China’s total rice production. In other countries, the cultivation of hybrid rice is still at an early development stage. India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, the Philippines, Brazil, USA and Pakistan have more recently introduced this technology. Hybrid rice cultivation is expanding rapidly in all these countries.

Four Brothers Seed Corporation is one of the leaders in the development of hybrid rice that excel in yield, taste and cooking qualities. Within Four Brothers Seed Corporation we have built up a strong expertise in hybrid rice breeding and production. We have a highly efficient breeding program with a global presence and elite germplasm. Parental line development activities are located in with Seed production activities in China. Four Brothers Seed Corporation is aiming to start seed production activities in Pakistan.

To meet the future challenges, Four Brothers Seed Corporation is also working on further broadening our hybrid rice portfolio to better address the specificities of the various markets. We are also developing agronomic...
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