Topics: Crops, Agriculture, Harvest Pages: 1 (405 words) Published: March 4, 2013
CROP NAME| TYPE OF CROP| CULTIVATION SEASON| HARVEST SEASON| PRODUCTION TARGET FOR FY 2012-13| SUPPORT PRICES| DETAILS| WHEAT| Rabi| Oct& Nov| Late April or Early May| 25 million tons| Rs. 1050/40 Kg| The government has fixed the wheat production target of 25 million tons for 2012-13. Punjab has to produce 19.2 million tons while the other three provinces are estimated to produce a total of 4.8 million tons (Source: Business Recorder, Low support price, high input costs to hurt wheat output: experts; November 02, 2012)| RICE| Kharif| May to July| Oct& Nov| 6.9 million tons| Rs. 1200 – 1300 per 40 Kg*| According to Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) the production target of rice for the current financial year of July 2012-June 2013 has been set to 6.9 million tones. (Source: Sindh Chamber of Agriculture demands intervention to fix the support prices of rice at 1200 per maund. (Source: Dawn, Govt. asked to fix support prices; 8th September, 2012)*The support price is according to the suggestion by the farmers as the government hasn’t yet decided.| COTTON| Kharif| April for Sindh and May/June for Punjab| Aug for Sindh and Sep/Oct for Punjab| 14.6 million Bales| Rs. 6050 per maund (According to Karachi Cotton Association)| Cotton was planted on an 8% smaller area due to shortfall of water requirement by 28% and the heavy rains and floods in the month of August and September causing considerable losses to the cotton production. A signifying shortfall of 1.3 million bales has been identified as the government had fixed 14.6 million bales as the fiscal target and current production is estimated to be 13.3 million. (Source Express Tribune Jan 8th 2013)| SUGARCANE| Perennial crop included in both Rabi and Kharif Crops| February and March| November and December| 60 million tons| Rs. 170/ 40 Kg| Information gathered from sugarcane growers and officials of agricultural departments suggest that cane...
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