Agression in Kids

Topics: Violence, Observational learning, Aggression Pages: 4 (1447 words) Published: March 8, 2013


The topic I have chosen to discuss is the role that media violence plays in aggression children, specifically as related to Bandura’s experiments. Albert Bandura believes that most of human behavior is learned by observing a model or simply another person, which affects a child’s view of how this new behavior can be developed and ultimately believing that this new attained behavior is a guide for their actions. One notable experiment that helped to shed light on children being more susceptible to imitation is the Bobo Doll experiment in the 1960s. This provides the basis of explaining aggressive behavior in children from the learning perspective. In this experiment Albert Bandura and his colleagues, examined the consequences of children observing an adult behave aggressively with a bobo doll. During the experiment he had children watching model acting aggressively towards a bobo doll. They watched the video of the model constantly acting aggressively in a way of sitting on the doll, punching it and kicking it repeatedly. He also had other children watch a non-aggressive model playing calmly with the bobo doll. Once the children were exposed to such models, they were taken into another room where there were many toys amongst them the bobo doll. The results from this indicated that children, who were exposed to the aggressive model and observed their acts, imitated aggressive behavior towards the bobo doll. Whereas, the children who were exposed to the non-aggressive model showed no or very little aggressive behavior. Albert Bandura’s Bobo Doll was suitable to highlight the role of observation in children’s learning. Children were the subject as they are less socially conditioned unlike adults. However, this experiment raises the possibility that children may have thought that this experiment was a game as a consequence of the bobo doll having a spring which springs back immediately after being knocked down. The experiment revealed that children more...
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