Against Inclusion in Classroom

Topics: Special education, Disability, Resource room Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Argument against Full Inclusion in the Classroom
Putting children with disabilities into a classroom with children who are normal is not fair for those without disabilities or for those with the disabilities. It takes away the amount of time a student without disabilities may need to finish a project but does not get because there is an issue or problem with a child who needs special care or attention. A traditional classroom is not prepared to cope with students with special needs, they are not fully prepared or equipped to handle disabilities or impairments like special education classes have been designed to do. A child who suffers from little or no hearing can require extra attention using sign language and other means of communication that takes up more time than usual. A child who does not speak also requires more attention and more means of communication than the others. Not only does this take up more time, it also takes extra staff and assistance to be able to make sure the education needs are met. In order for a child to receive proper care, the child will need extra time with teachers, even possibly their own aid in order to keep up. There are too many disabilities to consider, little or no hearing, mute children, blind, paralyzed, autistic, downs syndrome, the list goes on for the special training that will need to be given in order to meet each child’s needs. Special needs classrooms have been designed and equipped with teachers who are trained and experienced to handle these children. While some inclusion of special needs children in the classroom can be beneficial to everyone involved, full inclusion can create many unnecessary problems for the children and the instructors involved.

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