Aesthetic Representation and Its Connections to Differentiation

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Learning Pages: 1 (444 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Aesthetic Representation
As my aesthetic representation I was bobbled for weeks trying to come up with a painting? Cooking? Performance? Sculpture? Sewing??? None of those topics were something I felt relating to my view on aesthetic representation and its connections to differentiation. So I decided to think of something I love doing, which was spending time with my awesome family. We are all united and all have connections besides the fact that we are related and stuck with each other we are different and learn from one another by supporting hobbies, sports teams, academics, goals, religion etc. or just having a good time with each other’s company. So I decided to do my aesthetic representation on my family. Overall I do want to focus on the person that inspired me to go into to this field. My nephew Nicholas he’s my heart. Nicholas is 12 years old and has a learning disability and other health problems. I never had anyone have a disability in my imitated family and I was taken by surprise when I found out. Nicholas is healthy and in middle school and thinks he’s the coolest boy in school. I was able to learn a lot from the good times and difficult times that came with raising a child with a disability from what my sister told me. At times I felt he would get better but soon understood how unique he was. He wasn’t going to get better but he is just going to learn at a different pace and in different ways. With Nicholas being part of my life I have come to realize how important it can be for an educator to distinguish each student and be able to offer them different forms of learning concepts in order for them to be able to comprehend the material that is being taught. Differentiation in the classroom can be a difficult task to accomplish but it should be the top priority when teaching your class because without it you will find your students falling behind and lacking motivation in the classroom. Using differentiation in the classroom can benefit the needs...
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